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Hello! I'm Elizabeth McEntee, and also Zovi!

I'm a musician, writer, designer, InDesign specialist, LARPwright, puppeteer, illustrator, etc. from New York. She/her pronouns.

I currently have several albums of music, the most recent being "Stories in Eternal Ash and Elsewhere," released on my Bandcamp, with other music elsewhere. I am currently making music about my plushies, as well as some upcoming collaborations.

As for my writing, my story "Perihelia" has recently been published by Luna Station Quarterly. Read it here, and keep a lookout for more short fiction in the future! As for LARPs (Live-Action Role-Playing games), My written theatre LARPs are currently not available for public runs, but I personally run them every so often in the Northeast US at conventions like Intercon.

I have been making music and art under the name Zovi for over a decade, and I have begun writing under my name, Elizabeth McEntee, for my fiction.

See my new music video: